Simply Photogenic Photography: Blog en-us (C) Simply Photogenic Photography (Simply Photogenic Photography) Tue, 08 Nov 2016 17:50:00 GMT Tue, 08 Nov 2016 17:50:00 GMT Simply Photogenic Photography: Blog 120 90 Paul & Ellen ~ Engagement Session | Rockford, IL Wedding Photographer I am excited to show you Paul and Ellen's engagement session gallery. We had to reschedule our session due to weather and thank goodness we did since the day we went out was gorgeous. Rock Cut Park offers a ton of options for any type of photoshoot, but it is exceptionally beautiful in the fall. I look forward to their wedding in 2017 so please enjoy some of my favorites.


































































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Vesely Family | Rockford, IL Family Photographer | Baumann Park I can't say enough how much I appreciate being able to photograph these 3 lovely ladies every year since 2009. The girls and have grown up so much and Stephanie somehow still looks the same age each time :)

It's always an adventure walking around with Maddy and Kaylee (especially Maddy lol) since they have such different personalities and I get to quickly catch up up on a little into their life. I don't think Maddy will ever be a boring girl! She is so spunky, energetic and perky and I hope she never looses those qualities. Kaylee is the easy going and laid back one who is such a sweetheart. Stephanie you should be such a proud mama!

Enjoy their latest photo session taken at Baumann Park in Cherry Valley, IL










































































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The 'R' Family | Rockford, IL Family Photographer My daughter and her magazine cover worthy family decided to take advantage of updating their family portraits while I was doing Fall Mini Sessions......well as you can see for yourself, it was worth it. Courtney has such a knack for styling her family and kids for portrait sessions and I really appreciate that. This is a perfect example of 'What to Wear' to a family session. Each person is wearing something different, but it all matches as though it was one outfit.

Jaedyn and Aniyah are so adorable and they give me the best smiles (these are the 'GiGi' smiles, not your typical smiles) while their Pots stands behind me acting silly to get the most natural looks. I'm sure you'll agree that this is one stunning family!























































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Aria 27 Months Old | Fall Session | Rockford, IL Child Photographer We took Aria to a pretty fall walking path near Midway Village and she loved it. Of course all I wanted to do was have her sit and pose for me, but that is asking a lot of a 2 year old that wants to run and play and not sit and say cheese :)

Regardless, the key to child photography is keep shooting and you will get the shot you're eventually envisioning if you let them do what they want to do. Take a look at her session and leave a comment as to what you think!































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Liam 21 Months Old | Rockford, IL Child Photographer It has been a beautiful fall season so far here in Rockford and I have taken every advantage to take child and family portraits while the leaves are in full bloom. Here is my 21 month old grandson Liam who perfectly captures the vintage theme of the car I wanted to incorporate into his session. Of course you are probably more enthralled to his handsome face, big eyes and adorable smile and I'm okay with that. Enjoy his pictures!
























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Mercedez Lazha 2015 Senior


I looked forward to having this Senior session with Sadie since I envisioned a more editorial photo shoot for her. She is a stunning young lady (inside and out!) and I knew this style would fit her look. We started out at the mural under the Jefferson St Bridge in Rockford and then made our way down the path to eventually ending up on the pier at Prairie Street Brewhouse. She had her grad party there to, so it was very fitting to end her session there, after sunet, with the city lights and stars behind her.

I hope you enjoy viewing this gallery as much as I enjoyed shooting it!

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Diaz Wedding-Rockford, IL

This wedding was very special for Adam & Ashley and it showed not only in their demeanor, but in their families reaction to all the wonderful moments of the day. This included the moment Ashley's brothers and dad saw her for the first time, but especially tear wrenching was when Adam saw her walk down the aisle and he just smiled at his beautiful bride.

The day was a bit rainy, but that didn't stop us from heading downtown to take some memorable photos near the fountain and around Jefferson St. Bridge. 

It was a pleasure to be apart of this loving gathering and to capture each moment. They've known each other since high school (Guilford) and they still have close friends that shared with them getting to know each other back then and now being apart of their wedding day. We were thrilled to learned that Kim at Franchesco's referred them us. There is no greater compliment to your art, then when other refer you to their clients, family and friends. 

We wish you guys only the best and happy that you chose us as your photographers. Here are some highlights from their day!

Venue: Franchesco's Ristorante (a special thanks to Kim for the referral and the incredible job she did making their wedding cake!)

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Liam's 6 Month Portrait Session at Rock Cut Park Liam is already 6 months old and is sitting up pretty good on his own. We used the basket just to make sure he was comfortable and safe for this session!

He is starting to meet the milestones of baby life.........sitting up and balancing, rolling over from front to back and back to front, giggling so cute when you play cough back at him, eating solid foods now (even though he was sticking his tongue out when I fed him), and engaging with you with his stunning blue eyes when you talk to him.

Pa and I packed him up with his cute blue shirt, matching newsboy hat and bow tie, a basket to sit in with a blanket and of course the fun 1/2 sign I found online for this session. We went a short distance to Rock Cut Park and used a favorite bridge of mine and the surrounding green areas for some great shots.

Take a look and enjoy! Feel free to comment on your favorites!

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Aria One Year Session at Rock Cut Park We have done a portrait every month for Aria for her first year, so we pulled out all the bells and whistles for her one year session. 

This included a gorgeous romper from a local boutique (that's sadly no longer here, Infinitely Sweet Kids Boutique), the O N E letters, a grey crate, colorful pearls, a white umbrella and of course balloons. We packed everything and everyone up to make the short trip to Rock Cut Park in the Red Oak area and hoped for the best. One year old's are not the easiest to photograph, since they do what they want and you literally need to make a fool of yourself to get their attention. Thankfully, we had mommy, Pa and Nanna with us to do most of that for me :)

With a gorgeous day and a GORGEOUS baby girl, we got some of the best photos I've every done! This completes the year and now we can make her stunning album for mommy and daddy.

Take a look and enjoy!


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Custom Flush Mount Albums These beautifully crafted flush mounted albums are now being featured by Simply Photogenic. These are not only available for weddings, but any photo session you schedule with us...... Graduates, Family, Maternity, Newborn etc



They are a great way to reminisce about that special time in your life OR they make great gift, and you get to cherish every portrait from your session bound in a classy album. 

Several upgrades can be made to make each album unique and special such as genuine leather, laser engraving, silver/gold gilding on the outside of each page, thick rigid pages, cameo window, crystal covers and a choice of albums cover colors.

Check out some of these features and wonder why you every wanted a digital file over a tangible product such as this!


               Rigid Pages                                                                                                                           




              Silver Gilding      


              Deep Matte finish of your portraits which give you that classy, professional look     



               Optional handmade presentation box



It's important to mention that our aim is to provide you and your family quality fine art and stylish products. You would have to agree that digital files, USB's and CD's will go out of style just like your VCR tapes and floppy disks. Prints and products are what you can tangibly hold and pass down to your family members.

Please contact us for more information on any of these products or to schedule your next session.

Simply Photogenic Photography


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